Sektionen för jämställdhet och Lika Villkor i fysik – Aktuellt

Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics – Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce the 6th Annual Conference of the Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics, NORNDiP. It will take place at the Inst for fysikk og teknologi, UiBin in Bergen, Norway on:

May 7th and 8th, 2024!

You can now register for the conference here!

For more information: Follow the link to Annual NORNDiP Conference 2024.
You can also find the preliminary conference program here!

Conference theme: Smoothing the Bumpy Road – on Gender Microaggression

Invited speakers:

  • Christiane Helling, Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences

  • Adrienne Lorelei Traxler, University of Copenhagen, Department of Science Education’

The conference will feature speakers from each of the Nordic countries presenting their research in various fields of physics, as well as speakers on gender and diversity topics. Young scientists particularly are encouraged to present their work.


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