Intensity frontier workshop in Uppsala

The world-uniquely powerful linear proton accelerator of the European Spallation Source (ESS) is currently under construction in Lund, Sweden. The 2 GeV proton beam will be delivered in 14 pulses per second, each 2.86 ms long and of 62.5 mA, resulting in a beam power of 5 MW.

The currently ongoing European Commission supported ESSnuSB Design Study proposes to produce, concurrently with the spallation neutrons, a very intensive neutrino Super Beam by increasing the pulse frequency of the linac to 28 Hz and using every second pulse for the production of the neutrino beam. A crucial part of the ESSnuSB project is the construction of an about 400 m circumference accumulator ring on the ESS site to compress the long pulse from the ESS linac to 1.3 μs in order to adapt to the very short flat top of the focusing-horn high-current pulse.

Such a short, very intense proton pulse will also open the option to develop in the future a number of other Intensity Frontier experiments on or near the ESS site such as nuSTORM, Neutrino Factory, Muon Collider, Coherent Neutrino Scattering and Decay at Rest as well as, by slow extraction from the accumulator ring, to deliver ca 100 μs long pulses of interest for a number of neutron material-physics measurements.

In order to explore further these possibilities, an open workshop “Prospects for Intensity Frontier Physics with Compressed Pulses from the ESS Linac” at Uppsala University 2-3 March 2020 is being organized which all interested are welcome to attend.  The detailed scientific program as well as information on how to register at the workshop is available at:

For the organisation committee,
Maja Olvegård

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